College Advising
Becoming College-Ready

Covenant Christian Academy is as concerned about what your student becomes as what your student learns. As a community of scholars we expect our students to continue their studies after graduation and are committed to aiding them in the selection of their next academic home.

College selection begins with our Study Skills program in the Logic School.  Students begin to develop scholarly habits, including self-reflection, which translate into an exemplary transcript as they proceed into the Rhetoric School.

When students enter the ninth grade, they are provided more tools to self discovery such as a personality profile, career exploration tools, and personalized college advising.  Through group and private sessions using Naviance Family Connection, a portfolio of interests and preferences is developed which aids in the process of selecting a college.

Parents and students have access to a full time college advisor who, through private guidance sessions, can help each student create a plan for admissions testing, portfolio and resume' construction, and a successful college search.

Kelly Wofford, Director of College Guidance

Kelly Wofford
Director of College Guidance