Class of 2018


A Word from our Academic Dean

Our academic goal is to cultivate wisdom and eloquence in our students.  We accomplish this goal through nurturing the soul on truth, goodness, and beauty.

The academic curriculum at Covenant is divided into six primary disciplines – Bible, English, History, Math, Science, and Foreign Language.  When studied alongside one another, they form the basis for the student who is well-prepared for college and for life.

In Bible classes students study the contours of redemptive history as well as the wisdom “that comes down from above.”  Students study the great works of western literature and learn how to write eloquently in English classes.  In the History courses students learn the history that affects us the most as a culture – that of the United States and of the Western World.  Students learn the appropriate tools of mathematics and how to apply them, from basic math to Calculus, in Math classes.  In Science courses students study a variety of biological and physical sciences.  And finally, students have the opportunity to study both classical languages and modern languages in Foreign Language classes.

John Rutherford
Academic Dean

John Rutherford